Fiddlin’ Kiddlins

Hometown: Vegreville and Two Hills (Alberta)
Director: Heather Soldan
Official Website:

20120110-212410.jpgThe Fiddlin’ Kiddlins group of youth fiddle/violin players was formed in 1993, by director Heather Soldan. Children aged 5 to teens, plus a few adults as well, have learned and played through the group–with some of the early members being parents themselves by now! And many are still playing music.

The group, at times numbering up to 25, have performed at community events in Vegreville and various other places such as Mundare, Lamont, Holden, Innisfree, Mannville, Two Hills, St. Paul, Vermilion, Viking, and Wetaskiwin. Well-known Canadian fiddle composer Calvin Vollrath even wrote a tune (published in 2000) for the group, entitled “Fiddlin’ Kiddlins”, then had the kids perform it at his CD release concert that year in Edmonton.

The Fiddlin’ Kiddlins have staged a spring concert every year since 1998, and a Family Dance every January since 2002. Every concert has a unique theme, often with guest performers as well. The dance is not only a good experience for young players, but it is a main fund-raiser for the group’s activities. These include a field trip to wind down the year in May, such as attending an Edmonton Symphony concert.

Besides playing as a group, the students each have their own private lesson each week where they learn violin technique in the Suzuki Violin School program. Every spring they enter (individually and as a group) the Wendy Brook Music Festival in Vegreville, an excellent learning experience.They have also hosted many visiting instructors for workshops and performers for concerts–for example in November, 2010, bringing the famed Calgary Fiddlers to Mundare.

There are currently eight Fiddlin’ Kiddlins aged 9 to 15 meeting weekly in Vegreville, coming from Chipman, Viking, Riley, Two Hills, Mundare and Vegreville. Nine other students from around the Two Hills area meet there every week

Contact Heather Soldan at telephone (780) 657-2700 for more information.