Harry Welling and Friends

Genre: Folk
Hometown: Edmonton, Alberta

Harry WellingBorn and bred in Germany Harry Welling started regular stage appearances in his home country in the early 80’s. After starting off in Folk Clubs he soon sang and entertained his way into the very lively Club and Mess Scene of the NATO FORCES Garrisons in Europe.

With more than 2000 shows he became an institution in the music clubs. He still appeared regularly in the Music Clubs and Music Festivals alongside the international artists, like Tom Paxton, Hamish Imlach, Steeleye Span, Harvey Andrews, Iain Mackintosh, Ralph McTell, Doug Porter, Allan Taylor and many more … Not least because of his remarkable voice and range the German media and press named Harry Welling “The German John Denver” .

In 1988 Harry Welling was on tour around the folk clubs in Germany one of which was managed by a young singer from Northern Ireland, Sinead Reynolds, who had left Ireland for Germany only a couple of years previous. Harry and Sinead soon started singing together, became inseparable and got married in 1993.

In 1992 they recorded their first album “Quiet Moods” and have done a number of recordings since then.

In 2000 they found their way to Alberta to play a few venues and clubs, only to come back on a more regular base and finally decide to move with their children and live in Edmonton.

Now that Harry and Sinead Welling are to be seen and heard in Clubs around Alberta more regularly and have made a number of appearances with CKUA, CTV, A-Channel and others, there is a lot more to be expected !

[courtesy of Harry Welling]