“B Cuz” Bring their Experience to the Stage

B Cuz | photo by Don Harfield
‘B Cuz’ (from left to right: Brynn Rudyk, Callista Rudyk, and Acadia Rudyk) sing and dance from an extensive repertoire at Perogies and Jam
The local Vegreville group “B Cuz” performed to a very appreciative audience at the occasion of Perogies & Jam event on February 19. The group typically consists of 4 cousins (hence the innovative name) and sisters aged 10 – 15 who have been performing together for the past 8 years. For this performance the three girls (Brynn Rudyk, Calista Rudyk, and Acadia Rudyk) sang (and danced) a number of songs from their significant repertoire of popular, independent, country, blues-inspired, pop, and folk numbers. Their extensive experience for their young age comes from performing (and winning awards) at the local Wendy Brook Music Festival every year, as well as performing for various volunteer organizations such as Relay for Life events in Edmonton, Vegreville, and Tisdale, the Vegreville Fair, the Vegreville Volunteer Appreciation Gala, Blessing Widows events, and local seniors homes. From their engaging performance, they certainly appeared to love music and being in front of an audience!

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