Vegreville Street Market (June 25, 2011)

Perogies and Jam thanks the many performers and volunteers for the great music at the Street Market in downtown Vegreville on June 25!   Special appreciation goes to Don Thompson for providing the sound system.  The event started at 10 am and went through to 4 pm through the sunshine and the rain.  This is the first of several Street Markets during this summer planned by the Vegreville Economic Development Board.  Additional Street Markets are planned for August 6 and September 10.  Come on down to the center of Vegreville for these events!

The roster of musical performers included:

  • Silver and Gold (Bob and Madeleine Ashmead with fiddle player Lyle Hughston)
  • Lorne Fill
  • Randy Kereliuk
  • Piper Stoyko
  • Leeland Bachelet
  • Ralph Lange
  • B Cuz (Rudyk sisters and cousin)
  • Country Sunshine

The street vendors and the shoppers were treated to a variety of musical styles ranging from folk, country, fiddle playing, and blues.   Even the rain didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the performers as evidenced by the stalwart contribution by Country Sunshine as the afternoon came to a close.  Thank you all for the fun!

Photo Gallery

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