Vegreville Street Market – July 20, 2013

Divide by ZeroTown residents and visitors alike sauntered, shopped, stopped and listened to the music provided by Perogies and Jam on a comfortably warm July Saturday at the 2nd Street Market of the summer held in downtown Vegreville. Some people danced in the street while others preferred the shade of the tents in front of the musicians’ tent.

Early birds at 8 am witnessed enthusiastic workers getting tents, tables and chairs positioned, followed by street vendors and musicians setting up with recorded music playing by 9 am. With more folks gathering, musicians were filling the air with a variety of folk, blues and jazz tunes by 10 am.

Ralph Lange on guitar and vocals, with Randy Kereliuk on guitar and Rob Hughes on drums, started the day off in style with such tunes as “One of Us” and “Dead Man’s Pants” and a selection of Bob Wills fiddle tunes like “Faded Love” and “San Antonio Rose”. Don Harfield followed with a few instrumentals (including Ry Cooder’s “Morning in Gloryland”) and a couple of folk songs “Greensleeves” and “You’ve Got a Friend”. Gordon Forbes & Ron Barr delighted the audience with their musicianship and antics on “The Wreck of the old 97” and “Harvest Moon”. Randy Kereliuk kept the audience attention throughout the lunch time with songs by the Eagles “Hotel California”, Randy Travis (“Three Wooden Crosses”), John Denver (“Country Roads”) and others with the help of Ralph Lange on double bass and fiddle, and Rob Hughes on drums.
Up next was Vegreville’s own Da’Vision By Zero with Tobin Fell on keyboard, Jared Fell on electric guitar, Jonas Titterington on drums and Reggie Probert on bass guitar. , Jared Fell. They performed 5 original gospel tunes, the song “Don’t Stop Believing” and an instrumental in response to the unanimous request for an encore. Our friend Barb Mohr from Tofield took the stage performing folk and light rock songs including “Jolene”, “You’re No Good”, and “Sweet Child of Mine”.

Completing the afternoon, was a blend of performers with such tunes as “House of the Rising Sun” and “Wagon Wheel”. People were still mingling as the music wound down at 4 pm and vendors starting packing up. The weather was great with temperatures hovering around 21 ?C for most of the day without any rain.

We thank our friends (unsung heroes) with the Town of Vegreville, the Chamber of Commerce and the Business & Economic Development team for the planning, organizing, setting up tents, and generally helping make this a fun and successful meeting place downtown.

What a great way to visit with friends in and from around Vegreville while enjoying the shade, the sun and the songs!

Photo Gallery
Photograpahy by Fabian Harrison, Rob Hughes and Don Harfield

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