37th Annual Wendy Brook Festival

Wendy Brook Concert - Opening Remarks
The Wendy Brook Festival held their 37th Annual event on April 7 with over 130 in attendance. In addition to highlighting the amazing young talent in the Vegreville, this year the event was recorded and broadcast over the radio courtesy of Country 106.5 FM and Perogies and Jam.

The Wendy Brook Music Festival goes back to 1961 with the annual Wendy Brook Carol Concert which continued for 25 years. The Wendy Brook Women’s Institute was the driving force since 1979 when they started the Music Festival. The Rotary Club was a major contributor starting in 1986 for many years and then in 1999, the Wendy Brook Committee took over the leadership. The Vegreville community has had a strong commitment to the music community and this continues to this day as evidenced by the many volunteers, sponsors and contributors. Leigh Giebelhaus was recognized for her role as Past President and 37 years of service. Caroline Knowles was recognized for her role of Past President and many years of service, and Anna Tomyn was recognized for her new role of President and the many hours of commitment it takes for all of the Wendy Brook board members every year. The Wendy Brook Music Festival is a not-for-profit charitable organization.

From their website:
“Over the years the festival has gradually grown to cover as much as three and a half days of piano entries with band and other instruments, speech arts, Ukrainian language classes, violin, and vocal, family & community music taking another day each, each with a dedicated adjudicator. After all these years there are now children taking part in the festival whose parents were participants in early festivals. So this event has been part of life for a whole generation of Vegreville children. We hope that the festival continues to be a vital and vibrant part of life in the region.”

Perogies and Jam are pleased to have contributed to this event this year. Thanks go to Anna Tomyn, Wendy Brook Chairperson, Jamieson Brown of Country 106 FM and Greg Probert and Ralph Arndt of A. L. Horton School for their support and able assistance. Perogies and Jam volunteers for this evening event included Ralph Lange and Randy Kereliuk as the sound technicians and Rob Hughes as the photographer.

The Wendy Brook Music Festival relies on its many volunteers who selflessly give of their time throughout the year and especially during the months of January through April to make this event a success and a credit to our community. Please go to website http://wendybrookmusic.wix.com/wendybrook for more information. Thanks everyone!

Photo Gallery
Photography by Rob Hughes

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