Wendy Brook Annual Concert

The Wendy Brook Festival held their 39th annual Concert on April 5 with over 200 in attendance. In addition to highlighting the amazing young talent in the Vegreville area, this is the third year that the event was broadcast over the radio courtesy of Country 106.5 FM and Perogies and Jam.

The Wendy Brook Music Festival goes back to 1961 with the annual Wendy Brook Carol Concert which has continued for 26 years. The Wendy Brook Women’s Institute was the driving force since 1979 when they started the Music Festival. The Rotary Club was a major contributor starting in 1986 for many years and then in 1999, the Wendy Brook Committee took over the leadership.  The Vegreville community has had a strong commitment to the music community and this continues to this day as evidenced by the many volunteers, sponsors and contributors. Larissa Bombak and Viola Braun-Fox organized the event with the aid of many volunteers.

At 7:00 pm, Emcee Collette Miller welcomed the audience to the event and ‘O Canada’ was led by Debbie Fedoruk accompanied by Viola Braun-Fox on piano.

The performers for the evening were:

  • Kindergarten Ukrainian Bilingual (choral speech) – ‘Mamochka Moja’
  • Katrina Antonchuk (piano) – ‘Hopscotch’ by K. Antonchuk
  • Jillian Varela (sang w/ Debra Fedoruk on piano) – ‘I Need a Home for my Dinosaur’ by D. Rhodenizer
  • Rachel Giles & Alex Harris (acapella) – ‘Zhyto Mamtsju’
  • L. Horton Grade 3 students (choral speech) – ‘Sick’ by S. Silverstein
  • Delaney Shewchuk (acapella folk song) – ‘Chornee Ochka’
  • Callie Austin (recorder) – ‘Waltzing Matilda’ by C. Macpherson
  • Two Hills Gr. 5 Choir – ‘The Lollipop Tree’
  • Felecitas Seitz (piano) – ‘Angelfish’ by A. Gaudet
  • Clayden Lutzak (fiddle w/ Jennifer DeForest on guitar) – ‘The Poor Girl’s Waltz’
  • 6 Ukrainian Bilingual (Choral Speech) – ‘Reepka’
  • Bradford Sonnenberg (recitation) – “Bob Newhart Phone Call”
  • Tristan Neil (vocal w/ Viola Braun-Fox on piano) – ‘Seize the Day’ by J. Feldman & A. Menken
  • Alicia & Bianca Badenhorst (piano duet) – ‘Canon in D’ by Pachelbel
  • Barbara Rybchuk & Dylan Vadnais (vocal duet w/ ukuleles) – ‘Keep It Up’ by D. Vadnais
  • Mundare Gr. 6 Band – ‘Peaks and Valleys’ and ‘Return of the Rondo’
  • Julia Dolejsi & Josie Lutzak (duet w/ piano accompaniment) – ‘If Momma Was Married’ by S. Sondheim & J. Syne
  • VCHS Senior Jazz Band – ‘Bubbert’s Groove’ by M. Steinel and ‘Flight of the Foo Birds’ by N. Hefti, arr. P. Blair

Between the five sets this evening, Viola Braun-Fox announced the awards and sponsors of each of the categories. At the end of the evening, Emcee Collette Miller congratulated all the performers for showcasing their talent.

Thanks go to Viola Braun-Fox and the many Wendy Brook volunteers, Allie Mitchell of Country 106.5 FM, and Ralph Arndt and Greg Probert of A. L. Horton School for their support and able assistance.  Perogies and Jam volunteers for this event included Byron James, Randy Kereliuk, and Don Harfield as the sound technicians, Rob Hughes as photographer, and Gordon Forbes for equipment set up.

Perogies and Jam were pleased to have sponsored the Community Music Award to Trinity Voices this year.

The Wendy Brook Music Festival relies on its many volunteers who selflessly give of their time throughout the year and especially during the months of January through April to make this event a success and a credit to our community.  Please go to the Wendy Brook website http://wendybrookmusic.wix.com/wendybrook for more information.

Thanks everyone!  Check out the photos below from this year’s event.

Photo Gallery
Photography by Rob Hughes

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